Dale and Barbara Albaugh grew up in the Big Valley, California area and have been married 38 wonderful years.  The Albaughs have two sons, Aaron and Andy.  Dale’s father, J.E. Albaugh,  purchased the ranch in 1937.  He began raising purebred Shorthorns whose bloodline can be traced back to the 1820s.

The Shorthorn cattle business has stayed in the family

Aaron has lived in Big Valley his entire life except when he attended Yuba College and Chico State where he majored in Ag Business.  He keeps busy as a director of the Fall River- Big Valley Cattlemen’s Association, Lassen County Farm Bureau, Pit RCD, and a member of the Lassen County Planning Commission.  He is also coaching the 7th and 8th grade boys basketball.

Becky attended Butte and Domenican College prior to coming to Adin where she saw and immediately fell in love with Aaron.  Aaron and Becky were married 12 years ago in Covelo, Califorina were Becky is from.

Becky works for Big Valley Health Center and on the Adin Ambulance.  She is also an active member of the Intermountain Cattle Women, a director of the Lassen County Fair Board, and a founder of the Adin Clean-up Committee.

Aaron and Becky Live on the ranch and attend Grace Bible Church and are member of the Big Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Andy and Helen celebrated the 2008 New Year by getting married. Together they have a private agricultural consulting and scouting company. They work with several of the local growers in the area helping with the production and health of their crops. 

Helen has two wonderful daughters. Jessica who is an art major at Chico State and Katie who is a Freshman at the local high school. Before moving to the valley she spent several years in the Eastern Sierras pursuing her passion as a fly fishing guide.  She then moved to McArthur, Ca where she met the love of her life, Andy.  She also works for the Northeastern California Water Association. 

Andy went to school at Chico State where he earned his degree in Ag. Business.  After school he worked for a couple of large agricultural companies working with seed sales and plant breeding.  Andy then moved home and worked for few years as a PCA and crop consultant for a local farm supply store.  Andy spends most of his days now working on the ranch. He has a passion for invention and loves to come up with new ways to help with the work. He recently invented a large bale feeder that has made feeding on the ranch more efficient. Andy is also a board member for the Northeastern California Water Association.