Bad Breath? Try This Natural Remedy for Post Nasal Drip

A post nasal drip is more than your average annoying condition. It can be a big cause for having a really bad breath. Sounds really terrible, doesnt it? Nevertheless, do not be afraid. There are actually a few effective ways to get rid of that unpleasant post nasal drip and to avoid having a foul-odor breath. If you want to know more about how to find a good natural remedy for post nasal drip, I suggest that you read this article as it contains some information you should find both informational and interesting.

Before we talk about an effective natural remedy for post nasal drip, it is crucial to first know exactly why and when does this problem happen. Post Nasal Drip usually occurs due to the excess of mucus drips collected in the back of either the persons throat or nose. The mucus is regularly produced by the cells, which line the sinus channels and may be a cause for a number of unpleasant problems, including, for instance, aching throat, bad-smelling breath or coughing. One of the biggest problems with this particular condition is that the bacteria living in your mouth (an average adult can have between 500 and 1000 different types of bacteria in the mouth) will get constant nourishment thanks to it. Post nasal drip provides constant food supply to them, allowing them to breed and even excrete their wastes, thus adding to the foul breath.

The biggest problem with Post nasal drip is certainly the foul-smelling breath, but why does this occur in the first place. I have already mentioned that your mouth contains hundreds of different bacteria at any given time and that hundreds more can live there. Post nasal drip can provide constant food for these bacteria, allowing them to freely breed in your mouth. The biggest problem is usually the bacteria located behind the tongue, as they are the most exposed to the mucus. These particular bacteria then emit a really bad-smelling, sulfur-like compound as they separate these molecules down, causing the bad breath. OK, so you know the reason for this condition and why it causes bad breath, it is time to see what natural remedy for post nasal drip can really work.

Natural Remedy for Post Nasal Drip – What Can Help You Get Rid of the Problem?

Although you will find recipes for a number of home remedies for this problem, some of them being good, some better, one distinct natural remedy for post nasal drip really stands out for both its effectiveness and its simplicity. I am talking about a steam bath. To make one yourself all you need is to boil some water in a saucepan, pour 1 cup of vinegar in it and begin inhaling the steam. This excellent natural remedy will help you clear the airways destroy the mucus and rob the bacteria any further nourishment.

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