Effective Holistic Treatment for Herpes

According to the Centers for Disease Control information, approximately 50 million Americans currently suffer from herpes.  This sexually transmitted disease is caused by the herpes simplex virus and it can occur on the mouth, face or genitals.  Most people with herpes do not even know they have it because of being asymptomatic and not displaying the sores which are the hallmark of the disease.  If you have reason to suspect you may have herpes, you need to seek a medical diagnosis and discuss the different types of treatments available and you may want to explore holistic treatment for herpes as well.

Is herpes serious?

Herpes simplex 2 usually brings mild symptoms with it and some have no symptoms at all.  However, the disease can produce painful genital sores and ulcers which can take weeks or more to heal.  Regardless of how severe the symptoms of your herpes becomes, there is almost always psychological distress and depression among those who have it.  Additionally, the virus can cause fatal infections in babies and can be transmitted from mother to child during delivery, if the woman has an active outbreak.  In America, for people suffering from herpes, it can play the role of catalyst in the spread of HIV/AIDS. Herpes infections make your immune system weakened, so through using immunosuppressant medications, antivirals and holistic herpes treatments, you can ensure you remain as healthy as possible if you have the virus.

What can you expect if you contract herpes?

Because most people show no signs or symptoms before an active outbreak of herpes, many individuals do not know they have the disease.  However, the first episode of an outbreak can be quite severe and you can expect to feel itching, burning and redness in the genital area, blisters will form on the skin and break open, creating painful lesions or sores and these can take weeks or months to completely heal.

When you have a second outbreak, you may experience flu-like symptoms prior to the blisters showing up and you can have a fever, swollen glands and have a headache, itchy skin, fatigue and develop a rash.  Most people diagnosed with an initial outbreak of herpes can expect to have about 4-5 outbreaks per year thereafter and while the symptoms generally become milder, it never goes away completely. If you want to find natural and healthy alternatives of dealing with this STD, you can explore the benefits of holistic herpes treatment options with a holistic health practitioner.

Why should you consider holistic treatment for herpes?

When you receive a diagnosis of herpes, of course you are going to think it is the end of the world and you are bound to become angry and even depressed, and these emotions are normal.  However, you need to realize you have to be proactive and get yourself educated about the disease and learn about the benefits of conventional and holistic herpes treatments, because it will improve your health, reduce the number of outbreaks you have and allow you to live a better life.  Talk to a holistic healing practitioner about holistic treatment for herpes and get control over your disease and do not let it control you.

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